• Hexza-Mather Sdn Bhd

Company Overview
Hexza-Mather Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Hexza-Mather Winery Sdn Bhd) was incorporated on the 12th November 1987, a joint venture between Hexza Corporation Bhd and J.E. Mather & Sons for the production, bottling and sale of various types of wines, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The factory commenced production in December 1988. With a paid up capital of RM 1.5 million, the sole product Enchantè was marketed to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Hexza-Mather is equipped with the latest automated bottling lines complete with carbonation facility.

Product Brief
Enchantè cooler – the “champagne” of coolers is a refreshing light alcoholic, carbonated fruit flavoured drink which is quenching and enchanting. It is the drink for all occasions. This unique formulation of Enchantè cooler is based on a proven formula from J.E. Mather & Sons Ltd. of United Kingdom. It is packed in a cool ‘club-shaped’ green bottle of 300ml capacity with ROPP cap.

Enchantè is marketed through Norsechem Marketing Sdn Bhd (a member of Hexza Group) with Luen Heng Agency Sdn Bhd, which has stockists all over Malaysia.

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Products specification:

Brand Name:





Nature identical flavours, sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate, achohol, permitted colouring and perservatives.




Effervescent clear liquid


Golden Yellow



Alchohol strength


Nature identical flavours

Tropical Fruits Blend

Best Served


Range of Customers
Enchantè cooler, enjoyed by young and old, enhances the life of all occasions and complements all kinds of food especially when served chilled.

HM’s product is obtainable from super markets, wine dealers and pubs.